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prl-profile-11-16I can take your ideas from concepts to product design and create a website to market them as well. I respect your vision and will do my best to make it a reality.

I am an expert illustrator and graphic designer. I can draw and I can create digitally. I am an expert in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I can build you a website in WordPress that suits your needs and allows you to navigate and change it yourself.

In my home studio, I have designed for many companies including Toys R Us, Target, The Oprah Store, Blumenthal/Lansing, RM Palmer Company, and many apparel companies including Duck, Duck, Goose and Parigi. I have created designs for logos, brochures, packaging, textiles, apparel, home décor, and I have illustrated children’s books. My designs have been in all levels of the market from Wal-Mart to Neiman Marcus.

Website design for small businesses and start-ups is my latest service offering. Using WordPress I design websites that fit each customer’s needs. I listen and I will create a website that is simple and easy to navigate for the client and their customers. Training and support is also available for my clients so they can maintain and change content themselves.

I work with clients from start-ups to large corporations. All my clients get the same high level of caring professional service. I am reliable and deadline friendly. I build lasting relationships with my clients. My clients’ needs are my priority and I anticipate and fulfill them creatively, technically, and attentively.

I’ve had a passion for creating images since the day I first picked up a pencil and put it to paper. The pencil is now a pen tablet and the paper a monitor but the passion and focus is the same. I craft images that make ideas come alive, give companies a persona, and products soul.

Specialties: Illustrator/Graphic Designer and Website design. Over 25 years of experience in both traditional and digital media. Specializing in art and design for the apparel industry, book illustration, graphic design for product development, promotional pieces, and websites. Also specializing in Website Design for small companies and start-ups using WordPress. Expert in Illustrator CC2017, and Photoshop CC2017. Reliable and deadline friendly service.


Paulette Rich Long Artist/Designer

  1. Hi Danielle,
    I sent you an email in response. (I deleted your email address from your post to maintain your privacy here).
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi there! I am looking for a simple logo for my business. The name is DART Document Delivery, a document and small package courier service. My husband and I started the business in July of last year and he passed away not long after, so I am trying to make a go of it on my own. I am looking for someone who will help me develop a logo that is simple and clean, something I can make business cards with and have printed on a company polo. I have colors in mind, and a basic design, but I welcome the input of a creative mind. Thanks so much!
    Danielle Mann

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